Have computers made our lives easier?

Yes. Computers have made our lives easier. With the touch of a few buttons I can contact my friends from overseas, check the weather, navigate to desired location and so on. Today’s technology interconnects us all so we may communicate with ease. A common argument is that all this modern technology adds more stress to our lives. Contrastingly, I can handle all my stressful commitments in the palm of my hand or behind a desk. I can pay my bills, manage my finances, book appointments, pay taxes and the most stressful activity at all… shopping, all on my phone or laptop. Computers not only make our lives easier but can decrease risk in dangerous industries. Furthermore, computers in the stream of medicine are constantly advancements resulting in more lives saved. ¬†Moreover relevant to me computers allow students to advance their education while at home.

Computers are our friends.
Computers are our friends.

Computer technology not only makes us more efficient and productive, they make our lives easier.

Be human, use computers,
Luke Egan

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