y i can’t study

and it’s officially here!!!! being the nerd i am, i attended the midnight launch of the brand new Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. there were huge lines of fans queuing up for the game at the EB store on Swanston street. which was given out from exactly 12:01am on friday night (well, saturday if you’re getting technical).

so, which one did i get? see for yourself:

now there’s just 3 questions i need to ask myself: fennekin or froakie? squirtle or bulbasaur? and Pokemon or study?

these are the hard choices we must make in life

how many letters in alligator?

so, as usual, i lost an embarrassingly substantial part of my night tonight to the internet, mainly youtube. and i want you to experience what i did so i am going to share it with you.

first off, the funniest game show answers. god, americans are dumb. some of my faves in this bunch (and trust me, watch to the end, they are all great) are “name a yellow fruit” “orange” and “name a 3 letter animal” “alligator”. enjoy

next up, if you’ve ever wanted to know if there’s a full proof way of assuring that you win every round of rock, paper, scissors… here’s your answer.

third, ever wonder why some movies succeed when others don’t? well, it’s because they all have that same sellable plot line. everyone wants the sympathetic hero to beat the villainous baddie. here’s the lo-down on what story line many movie writers use to achieve their hollywood success:

and finally, one of all time low’s first music videos for the song “coffee shop sound track”. i love that these guys don’t take themselves seriously and like to let their fans see that. every one of their videos are so funny because they are not afraid to make a fool of themselves. another great on is the video for “i feel like dancin‘” so check that one out too if you get the time.

too weird to live or just too weird?

so, the greatly anticipated (well, mostly by me) new Panic! at the Disco album is out. its called “too weird to live, too rare to die” and lets just say that calling it weird is being easy on it. i was excited, i love these guys. yes, it was devastating when they split up due to musical differences and Ryan and john went their separate ways but “Vices and Virtues” (which was the album brendon and spencer made by themselves as the remains of Panic! at the disco) was great, i even preferred it to their previous album, “pretty. odd.”.

and so, i was hopeful for this upcoming album. no, the singles didn’t get me too excited (although i can say that i prefer “this is gospel” to “miss jackson”) but they’ve never done anything i haven’t liked before. Panic! are known for changing their style because each of their three previous albums have sounded completely different to the one before it. and, even when i haven’t liked the music or the lyrics, brendons voice has always saved it. he just has the most incredible vocal abilities and he can make anything sound beautiful. want an example? check out “Northern Downpour” off their second album. or even their original and best known single, “I write sins not tragedies”.

but, no matter how hard i have tried, or how many relistens, i just cannot get behind these songs. maybe it still needs more time. it shouldn’t but maybe it does. yes, i was prepared for a change, but not this. its just too many elements that i don’t like combined without enough stuff that i do like. of course, this is all just my personal opinion and i know there are fans out there who love it. and because it’s Panic! i will continue to listen and will always love them, but i find myself believing  that had i not already been a fan of this band, there is no way i would listen to those singles and it would want to make me check out the album. none of these songs make me want to buy the CD.  For me it’s just too much techno/electric/autotuney i don’t even know how to describe it. but it’s not my style. i like rock/punk bands and this is far from that. it’s all synths and computer music. and the most frustrating part… you can’t even hear his voice!!!! its covered up by all the effects put on top. it’s like they auto tuned him, but he has one of the most incredible voices ever!!!! and you just can’t hear it. and some of the lyrics are supremely average, i’ve never been a fan of one line songs or one line choruses, sometimes there ok but most of the time, just no.

the other hard thing for me is that this album was streamed online almost the same day that the also highly anticipated  extension of All Time Low’s most recent album, the now aptly named “Don’t Panic! its long now”, was streamed online. so i put them both into a playlist on my iPod to listen to them together. and its just so painful moving from the new All time low songs (which also included four beautiful acoustics of songs off the first part of the album) to the Panic at the disco songs because of the drastic difference in the songs. for a perfect review of All time lows “new” album, check out Bec’s blog where she pretty much sums it all up when she says “they’re yet to release a song i don’t like”. and this new extended release is no different and in my opinion has some of their best songs yet. for a comparison, check out the two songs below.


all in all, i still love Panic! i’ll still wait eagerly for the next release and next change. i’ll still be standing their singing my lungs out when they eventually release an australian tour date. i’ll still buy their album (although this is the first time i’ve ever even thought about not buying it). and i’ll still probably call them my favourite band (although All time low is very very close to taking that title (and may succeed if i can’t find more redeeming factors about this album over the next week)).

song’s i actually do like off the album (and this is like in a very loose sense of the word because if it wasn’t Panic! i don’t think i’d like any of them) are “this is Gospel”, “nicotine” and “collar full”. yes, 3 out of ten. i feel devastated. maybe it just needs time. hopefully i can come back in a few days (ok, maybe weeks) and tell you i’ve had a sudden change of heart and its the best CD ever. but until then, i’ll be listening avidly to “Don’t Panic! it’s longer now” and trying to push this “too weird too live, too rare to die” out of my head.

oh, and here’s another awesome review of All Time Low’s new album

is blood thicker than water?

so, i’ve been a bit behind. i could try and blame uni but really i don’t even know where my time has gone. but the new tv season has been in action for two weeks now and i haven’t watched anything yet!! (shock horror!!!) but don’t worry folks, i’m catching up and my soon to be long list of reviews is kicking off with the season premier of survivor, it’s 400th episode (and the second one too coz i watched them both at the same time).

so lets get started. “blood vs water” is  the 27th season of survivor and incorporates a number of new twists, the major one being that the teams will be comprised of returning players and their loved ones. but, when they arrive on the beach, the contestants are told that they will be playing against their loved ones, on opposite tribes, so that one team is all returning players and the other is all their loved ones. now, here’s my first peeve with this twist, it means that the whole “blood vs. water” title doesn’t make sense!!! because A: there is no water (unless you count in the now over usage of water challenges). its just there because of the phrase “blood is thicker than water”. but, some of these aren’t really even blood. i mean, tyson’s girlfriend? really. they couldn’t get a relative. they could potentially have only known each other for like two months or something.

second. its not even blood vs. water. for that to have happened, it would have had to be 10 tribes comprised of jsut each pair of related contestants. which of course could not have worked because how can two people vote someone out. they could have brought in entire families to play against each other so do like 4 teams of 5 relatives but again, who would want to vote out their family members. so instead what we have is blood vs. blood and a bunch of water thrown in on top. i just don’t get it. you know what i want, a season with no returning players. not only that,but no hidden immunity idol, no redemption island, no non existent reward challenges. just plain and simple survivor the way it used to be. go back and watch season 8, the first all star season. it is survivor at its best and has none of these crazy twists we have today.

but, onto the game itself now. first off, it was so rough to vote someone out straight away. i mean, yeah, it is survivor, but that’s still really harsh. i know it was obvious that they weren’t gonna be eliminated but i still felt bad watching these people get voted off their tribe before the game had even started. however, i thought that the twist would be that they would swap to the other tribe (which would have made rupert very happy to have been with his wife) but instead you heard me and my whole family groan in disappointment with the return of redemption island reveal. look, it was interesting when it first started (not good, just interesting) but i’m over it. you don’t want to spend an entire season watching someone struggle by themselves out there to be either beat out at the last chance or make it back into the game be be eliminated straight away because they’ve made no connection to their tribe. and the redemption island challenge is the poor man’s reward challenge and to be frank i’d rather have the latter. combined reward and immunity just lacks fun and spirit

the first challenge was your typical survivor challenge. go in the water, retrieve some bags, get back to shore and complete the puzzle. yes, we’ve had a lot of them, but after 27 seasons, i can understand it. and it was a good challenge, the tribes seemed evenly matched. that was, until we all learned Gervase can not swim. which was both sad and fun to watch at the same time. now, i’m not trying to sound racist, but it seems that every season, the big black guy with the huge muscles is the worst in physical challenges. i mean, gervase could barely make it past the second obstacle and struggled heavily the rest of the way. and does anyone remember russel from a few seasons ago who simply could not climb that ladder out of the water? it just always seems like the guys with the biggest muscles are the weakest links in the challenges.

and then, after almost collapsing from his 100m swim, gervase was the first to absolutely rub it in the other team’s face that they had lost. and this caused a big problem on the other tribe. thats another thing with the new family twist, that even when you win a challenge, you can’t be happy because your loved one may be sent home because of it. and so gervase rubbing a huge amount of salt in the opposing teams wound led them to vote out his loved one, marissa, purely out of spite. now, i feel bad for marissa. in no way did she deserve to go home, she was great in the challenge. it was just unfortunate circumstances. and when gervase found out the next day at redemption island, he could not have cared less that his actions had eliminated his loved one. but hat was another problem with this set up. while most people had their wife, or husband or daughter (or even brother), marissa was gervase’s niece. i mean yeah, it’s still family, but you’re not gonna feel as strong a bond with them or need to protect them as you would your spouse or child. here, blood was definitely not thick enough because it didn’t seem like Gervase could have cared any less that marissa had been eliminated.

on to the next note worthy mention from the opening two episode, Colton. now, i still don’t know how to feel about colton. he is great television to watch. he’s funny, he’s interesting, he’s pretty devious. but i’m still finding it hard to get over the things he said last time he was on the show. some stuff was downright horrible and terribly racist and the worst was that at the reunion he didn’t seem to regret any of it. and you could kinda see that in these episodes where he claims he wants to redeem himself but within a day is already falling back to his old ways.

but yes, this does make for great tv and great drama. but from what we’ve seen so far, he’s looking to become the brandon of this series. flying off the handle one second, then going completely remorseful and emotional the next and then planning everyone else’s eliminations the moment after that. i just don’t think we can handle another unstable character. and from the ads for next week, it doesn’t look like things will be getting any better. and he seems way too dependant on his boyfriend (who does seem nice by the way. i can’t see them lasting if he starts to see this evil side of colton).

i think that just about covers it. oh, and marissa clearly has no idea what a blind side means. because she knew she was on the chopping block. she did a semi attempt at a scramble but not really coz she wasn’t sure. but if jeff is literally addressing the fact that you are a specific target in tribal council, how can you not know that you’re on the chopping block. not a blind side, i’m sorry. yes, it was unfortunate and shouldn’t have happened but still, not a blindside. i’m just waiting for tyson to vote himself out again by accident. that was one of the best moments of heroes vs. villains.

in conclusion, who do i think will win? hard to say right now considering almost all those guys look the same and there are three on the loved ones tribe that i still can’t tell apart, let alone tell you their names. but right now i’m thinking it’ll be candice (if she can get back in), aras or his brother vytas (who’s name sounds like fetus), or maybe… actually, i don’t know. and i prob shouldn’t give more than 3 guesses anyways.

so, let me know what you think, what are your predictions. what do you like about this new season, what do you hate? until then, see you next week 😀

a host of problems

so, the 2013 emmy awards have come and gone. but, how was the ceremony, how was tv’s night of nights?

 to be honest, there’s been better. a lot better. and with Neil patrick harris hosting, i was expecting better too. not only was there no opening song and dance routine (because, as NPH sings later “even hugh hackman does stuff like that”) but his opening monologue was terrible. not funny at all and the only redeeming factor among the banter between the past hosts was kevin spacey cutting in (check out the video below) and tina fey and amy poehler doing what they do best and being downright hilarious.


but, despite game of thrones not winning anything (devastating), the awards themselves weren’t so bad. everyone who won deserved too, even if the winners weren’t from any shows i watch (but thank god big bang didn’t win. sorry to those who love it but i can’t stand that show).

apart from the unimpressive opening act, the major disappointment of the night was the lack of good red carpet dresses!! i mean, even the brownlows had better dresses than these actresses! lets do a comparison shall we?

to my left, a browlow dress (yes, a bit hard to see coz it’s on the side but oh well). and to my right, Claire Danes, winner of best actress in a drama. and that is just not a happy dress. it does not look good on her. lets be honest, she doesn’t fill it. and i’ve personally never been a huge fan of those skin coloured dresses. its just not working. i’m sorry claire danes. but no.

want another example? check out below we have another lovely brownlow dress and a very odd dress from the emmys worn by girls creator, lena dunham. i just don’t think lena likes dressing to suit her body. i don’t know why.

on the other hand you have the amazing sofia vergara who could look incredible in absolutely anything, but she also knows how to dress herself. 

last off, i’ll leave you with at least one more of what i felt to be a redeeming factor in a not so interesting evening. this was the first ever inclusion of the “outstanding choreography” award in the primetime award show. the anouncement of the winner was preceeded by a really cool dance number that included elements from many shows nominated for best show in the different categories. check it out below (you could also skip to 2:00 if you don’t want to listen to the explanation)