FILM/TV_2 Analysis and Reflection #1

In 200 words or less please outline your goals, desires – what you want to get out of this semester. You will review this later in the course. Many will rethink this dramatically by the end of the course – this is a good thing.

With a good experience in Film/TV 1, I’m heading in Film/TV 2 in the second semester of this year. I’m very interested in documentary making after I had the documentary course “True Lies”. In this semester, I feel great because I have an opportunity to make a documentary. I think documentary is another challenge for me because I don’t have any experience in documentary production. So I’m looking forward to learning everything about documentary making. I consider the hardest thing in filmmaking is telling the story on pictures. Perhaps, you could make a good story on paper. However, it is very hard to tell on images. Personally, I will try my best to make people understand what we are talking about. This is basically my goal in this semester.


In this week’s lecture, scenes from Scott Ruo’s ‘Four Images’, Brian Hill’s ‘Drinking for England’ and Chantal Akerman’s ‘D’Est’ were screened.  Choose one of these, and consider, in a single paragraph, what might have intrigued, interested, displeased or repelled you.

‘Drinking for England’ is an interesting pictures, especially the part of singing. This part illustrates how the English spend time on local pub. I consider Drinking and smoking are not negative for them because those are their culture. They are born and raised in this culture.


Listen to the first 10 minutes of Glenn Gould’s radio documentary, “The Idea of North”.

I’m not too sure the concept of ‘The Idea of North’ which consist of different interviews. Different interviews are often dissolving to each other, sometimes overlapped. I guess the documentary maker wanna outline the idea of lost about the North. So Gould investigate ways in which he place two or three interviews in the same time-line to confused people.


I heard a  number of clips by Arthur. His recordings are mostly ambient sound like cars, birds on tree, crowd sound. I guess one of clip was recorded near the basketball court.

When I operate the sound recording machine I hear completely different sound. I cannot hear this kind of sound by my ears. The impressive moment is standing in the middle of street with the mic, you can hear the people’s voice passing by you.