Share Posts: Nike Leborn 11 – Officially Unveiled

Ten years later, the young man who started his career in his hometown and became a Champion in Miami will return to the hardwood this fall to prove himself as the world’s greatest once again. On LeBron James’ feet for the pending season will be the Nike Lebron 11,
  a shoe that is more than equipped to guide him through the battles ahead. His eleventh signature sneaker will be the lightest Nike LeBron model yet thanks to a combination of Hyperfuse and Hyperposite and will be locked down by the likes of the brand’s patented Dynamic Flywire technology. Amidst the first group of colorways will be the just previewed “Terracotta Warrior” and the “King’s Pride”, the latter being the one billed as the colorway-based”Parachute Gold” before the official info arrived. The sneaker features several design details calling out to what Nike is billing as the “duality of the number 11″, elements that include the Roman numeral XI in the lining and the “LJ” initials hidden in the side Swoosh hit. Continue reading for official images on Lebron 11 and make sure to mark your calender for the October 12th release date of the LeBron 11 “Kings Pride”colorway.


For My Blogging (Blog Assessment Task)

My blog career in Networked Media has started for six weeks. During this period, I felt as the idea of blogging being encouraging me to write something on my blog in order for building up a space for myself. Blog offers me a place to write anything I want to write about with no limitations. Yes, admittedly I consider blogging is very excellent to develop my ability and skills in writing as well as intensify my engagement throughout my lecture or ‘unlecture’, my tutorial, my readings and writing practice  Overall, blogging absolutely provided me many amazing experiences,  however, personally I think of my participation being not good enough in Network Media so I still have some realms to improve  in  the future.

I remember the first week, Adrian spoke out in the lecture that everyone should had experience about writing essay from their primary school to high school but writing essay in our entire life is impossible because you wrote a essay is getting a good from techer. Adrian’s point on blogging inspires me to think blog is a large space to express your unique idea in order for discussing, arguing and sharing online with other people. In a blog, writing not being for a good mark but a reputation rules. Rules, forms or even grammars are not highly considerable, on  the other hand, how to interact with people with your typing texts is more significant. Adrian revealed that blog is fantastic opportunity for student to communicate with each other for a good discussion on some impressive issues or sharing good experiences online.

Throughout this six weeks, my blog posts mainly reflects from the class readings and raised idea from ‘unlecture’ but the overall blogging is not good enough to attract people to visit or comment on my blog. Nevertheless, another hand of this situation, I was benefited from writing blog because I could write anything that I want to share with no any restriction. Not only my writing ability but my personal development is improved by following up the materials from ‘unlecture’ or the neutral medium ( Going through the ‘Networked Media’ blog become my daily habit as a consequence of a plenty of funny readings there. I am able to extend my interests and engage with new knowledge through online texts so that I could go through the readings anytime and anywhere  when I feel boring. With practicing writing my blog, I also consider one important thing that how could I attract people to visit my blog as same as I keep up ‘Sneakernews’ blog everyday because of big interests on sneakers. Therefore, I attempt to rise my own idea after finishing weekly readings and lectures in order for offering my unique opinions which might catch someone’s eyes.

However, in this six weeks, there are still a lot of disadvantages for my performance on blogging. First of all, I am unable to  guarantee  update my blog consistently week by week due to some other things being occupied. Individually, that is the biggest problem for my blogging. The number of entries is not adequate for the requirements so that I should be concerned with this part. The second thing is that I found difficulties on my reflections of my reading because of spending too much constructing the idea. I think that this problem might result in the slow updating on my blog. Even worse, I would misunderstand the center idea of readings and I had done many useless effort. Therefore, I should improve my comprehensions of readings so that I can point out some impressive idea. Additionally, I found myself lacks interaction with my peers so I hardly obtain useful feedback from them. The only way to communicate with other peers is tutorial and neutral website but these conditions are not enough to provide a good interactive blogging. The blogging should be hanging around others’ blogs and leave a comment in order for a communication. Unfortunately, I have not commented anyone in Networked Media so that I also lose my opportunity.

For the future, it is time to be worried about how to improve my blog for becoming a real blog. I will try my best to update one post or posts twice a day with relevant review from readings and feature news. The reason of keeping practicing my writing is to enhance my management ability and habits to make blogging become a daily regular instead of an assignment. Also, I consider the interactive communication is very important for blogging and I should observe my peers’ blog and learn something helpful from their writing and structure of blog. What is more, I need to collect a diverse of materials from life or internet to rise my inspiration and construct my new idea on blog, attracting someone else. Not only blogging the academic but I need to discover the interests of my life that makes sense with the knowledge from Networked Media.

Hypertext from the lecture

I had good experience from the networked media lecture yesterday. Before I had the lecture, i was very confused about the conception of hypertext. What is kind of functions? How does it work? Although  I went through the weekly readings, I still didn’t get dsitinct comprehension of hypertext. All the things about hypertext I know is probably that how hypertext was embedded in the fiction writing and give a large space to author to create their crafts. However, if someone ask me to specify the hypertext, I guess there is no any word comes out.

Yesterday, Elliot, Brain and Adrian offer a plenty of explainations for the conception of hypertext  as well as its function. There are many insteresting perpspective for this kind of new stuff. Brain thinks of hypertext which is not new idea for now but somehow it more or less preexits in technologies earlier, however, people find it out until recently and move to a research agenda. More importantly, Brain also consider that the hypertext can adapt into different media medium with different effective results. Some of form works could be impressively sufficient out of people’s expectations. We never how hypertext could intensify the media for now but hypertext somewaht like a magic trick to bring our production to antoher level.

On the other hand, Adrain in the lecture memtioned another great point of hypertext. Adrian reveals the importance of book is only for its direct relationship with literature. Hypertext in some way provides readers convinience to read the books. They only click on a link and find out the materials they want to read instead of a print text. For some people, they might like this way more than the traditional way to read the book. Once upon a time, our conception of reading books was already relatvie to experience but the era is moving forward. Do you want to experience a book or only read a book? So ther is the choice for readers between convinience and experience. Same situation also happens in print media industry, while the level of technologies and the habit of people’s life are generally changing, the print media industry, like newspaper, magazine and book, is suffering a tough time. Readers are now merely turn on their apps and they could obtain the inforamation. The newspaper is too slow to respond to this action and somehow they lost their track. People enabling accurately exploring suitable information by digital media in which hundreds of hypertext offering this power is unbelievable.


Hypertext Fictions

While the development of fictional writing involes another factor, like the hypertext, that offer good fundation enough to create a bunch of new forms to express author’s idea. The authors attempt to create a diversity of different new form as the new discovery of hypertext. Hypertext is that, like the new materials, boost up the fictional writing to produce more colourful forms. This situation somewhat is similar to the ‘Autuerism’ that represents the revolution in film industry in 1920-1930. Film used to be stereotype and dull, because the director thought films were consisted of several necessary materials though the films describe different story. This tendency lasted until the born of ‘Autuerism’ in 1930s’ France. The revolution, which people called ‘The New Wave’ was happening in French films, the directors were being creative and individualised in their film. Films become alive!

What is going on with the hypertext inserting fictional writing. Quotes from the first major author of hypertext fiction, Michael Joycethat I wanted, quite simply, to write a novel that would change in successive  readings and to make  thoes changing versions according to the connections that I had for sometime naturally discovered in the process  of writing and that I wanted my readers to share. In my eyes, paragraphs on many different page could just as well go with papragraphs. All that kept me from doing so was the fact that, in print at least, one paragraph inevitably follows another. it seemed to me that if I, as author, could use a computer to move paragraphs about, it wouldn’t take much to let readers do so accoding to some scheme I had predeterminded.

Perhaps, in the future, Joyce consider people merely use the computer and they would modify the writing as what they want to express. In some way, this approach is encouraging readers’ inspirations. Gradually, some authors attempt to create their crafts in which more or less veer toward a narrative instead of highly being dependent on linearity causality, and probable characterisation. The multiplicity give a strong power to writers on their art crafts and they just suddenly obtain more space to create. There is no rules and no restriction. Authors approach  their readers in different many forms, and while readers confront their production, they are proven to be right.

Readers start to be adapt into a series of new form writing from hypertext fiction authors. Tom MacHarg is remarkable that he create The Late-Bite Maneuvers of the Ultramundance by seven lexias for each day of the week. Each day is being with a variations or transformation of the other to be ultimately creative. Here is partial of Monday’s story.

Dwight awoke at 3:15 a.m. to find his girlfriend, Johnette, attempting to conceal a bomb under his pillow. ” You’ve waken me up,” he said. “And I’ve discovered your treachery.”

“The only treachery is yours,” said Johnette.

“I’m only sleeping.” said Dwight. “You ‘re the one planting bombs.”

“Perhaps you deserve it,” said Johnette.

“But I love you,” siade Dwight.

“Then why do you accuse me of treachery?” said Johnette.

“It’s obvious,” said Dwight “You planned to murder me as I lie here dreaming of our sex.”

“You weren’t dreaming.” said Johnette. “I  was wastching you eyes.”

“Perhaps not, but at least I wasn’t trying to murder you,” said Dwight.

“I only meant to scare you into loving me more,” said Johnette.

“With a bomb?” said Dwight.

“You need to love me a lot more,” said Johnette.


McHarg’s work is replete with creepy  and mysterious in his The Late-Nite Maneuvers of the Ultramundane.

unlecture #5: Notion of Writing

Writing is a skill that is required to learn to read and write. Writing also could be a technology to help people note things and produce things. In terms of the readings on week 5, I obtained a new understanding for notion of writing. Writing unconsciously enhances the human capacity of social organisation.

Writing became a technology since the born of print-press in fifteenth century. The invention of typography make writing change to duplicating technology. Marshall McLuhan realised that the typography provide the first uniformly repeatable  commodity, the first assemble-line, and the  first mass-production. As the time went by, the technology of printing developed to be acceptable for people. The mechanical printing improve the visual character of the written paper, inducing the writing space technically cleaner and clearer.

The word technology in Greek is techne that could refer an art or a craft system,or method of making or doing, or the fine arts. Going past to ancient, the craftmen has to learn a skill and use a machine. The technology is a combination of skills as well as machine. A technology always tends to internalize users, becoming a natural ability. Writing is as well. Some great speaker enable speaking as the way they write. For that kind of people, writing is speaking, they thinks as writing so they understood, in what specific way, to talk with their capacity of writing. Writing as technology can be handled, known.

Repost: “Safari” Nike Air Foamposite One

Are you Safari’d out yet? We sure hope not, because there’s plenty of footwear still on the way that will rock with that immediately recognizable pattern. The Nike Air Foampostie One “Safari” is probably the most controversial amongst them, as the pair represents that new direction that Foampositesh ave been going as of late, one which has no doubt ruffled the feathers of plenty of purists along the way. Stay with us through the jump for the best look yet at this around the corner pair and give us your feelings on them in the comments. Photos by Joe Venuto.


Why do we blog?

Perhaps five years ago, I was also a big fan of blogging. At that time, every Saturday and Sunday was the greates time in a week for after five school days, you eventually can update your blog and communicate with your blogmates, sharing the amazing things in then entire week. However, Blogging is no longer more popular than other newly emerging socializing medium like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and Tumblr. For now, our life is faster and faster as the development of technologies. Sharing your own life is being from everyday to every minutes or even every second. As the speeding up of  posting our stuff online, our content is shorter and vague. Most time, people even take a photo and post it on instagram as the way to share. Kind of, our inspiration gradually depend on the technologies instead of ourselves.

The most attractive factor of blogging is ‘constructing’. The agency offer us a website with our ID  and we ordinarily or extraordinarily write something on there. Blogging is kind of a strgguling, you are gonna have to give something and you would get something in return. Everyone is more or less a expert while blogging. For this record, no matter who are you in real life and what kind of person do you have, once you loged in you would obtain the sheild and become another person, also known as your ‘Blog ID’, and start your blog career. The more argument with others, the more receive you can get back. Sharing and responding consist of blog, let’s imagine that what if the world of blogging is without commentary section, do people still like to devote themselves in this area? The blogging miracle is happening within comments by comments. The interatvie system makes people unconsciously keep creating new stuffs and they wait for the respond from pubilicity. I remember one impressive moment from one eposide of ‘The Big Band Theory’ : while Lenord is upset about his favorite neigbour Penny who is gonna hang out with his another friend, his best friend  Sheldon suggest him to update his blog and get some new friends as make communicative comments.

Blogging is a discussion, good topics always catch people’ eyes. We would be kind of pround of the commentary section while many users visit and give a comment for your blog posts. Thanks to this interaction,Whether users leave a comments to agree or disgree  your post,  you would be happy for people read your post. We would like to someone admit ourselves with constructing. A good blog is not only benefited from good writing, but also comes from wide range of knowledge. In the world of blog, every different knids of people are involved, some of them might be employed as ‘expert’ in a specific area. Some people prefer challenging your idea, and Can you fight it back with your knowledge? You give the clear points and evidence to testify your idea and others proof the points with another inforamtion. This communication is impossible to be achieved on Instagram. Therefore, people might be tend to change their habitt.

We have big enough space to share our idea with blogging, no matter what kind of ‘style’ we like to use, we eventually enbale creating a special way to bring out our argument and waiting for the challengers. Blogging is an overall ability, you have to be creative and strong enough to manage your blog. Pubilic would consider you.

Coooool!!! – Canon 7D for the art!

A short video filmed by Canon 7D about BMX. 720p will be amazing! Try it.

(Canon 7D 2000fps BMX edit)

Canon 7D, an impressive production by Canon, is especially for the art!! Although 7D has been kind of weighted down for now, it is still my favorite DSLR camera.

Two years ago, the first time I watched this clip.  Bam!!!!!! I was completely shock for the bloody visual impact! “Oh God, that is fucking sick!” only words I can say for it.

The glory of Canon 7D is short because of its functions with unaffordable  price and it’s out of most people’s list. The achievement of Canon 7D however become a cornerstone for the development of filming DSLR camera.

Hypertext Super Power

Hypertext is a elaborate relationship among a huge number of texts. These texts are more or less connecting with each other so that the readers enabling to discovering one specific texts with one involved text in the texts ocean. The spectrum of hypertext is very broad. Where shall we enter the texts. The answer might be everywhere you can found. Somehow, it is like the detective film and you explore the connections of clues in the locale. Such a wide range of information offer enough space to academic media so that some author can create more forms of writing with hypertext.

The Hypertext prose, the author produce a document with links to documents on the same as well as on other websites. While writing the text, we might have to consider the outside links that we are using probably either are relevant  or irrelevant to another texts. Therefore, we should consider the way we build up the texts and choose the correct we use. Some books perhaps contains a dozen of links to support its idea, however, some of them would probably be paradoxic. On the other hand, some author tend to build up a lexias, which have included a broad range of information, so that the documents are  already clarified so its essence means readers could easily to find the information they want to.

The hypertext essay, which is kind of another system to clarify the documents, takes the from of a set of networked documents in order to either combine the documents into a large web or keep it alone. The author tries to build up the essay based on the networked documents so that they have depth enough to testify their idea within the texts.

Design Fiction happen on our Cells

The cellphone of history is not very long, the first hand-held mobile phone was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr Martin Cooper and John.F Mitchell. So only 30 years time for the mobile phone, however, the development of hand-held cellphone is proliferating with the amazing technology progression. From the functions to the appearances, the cellphone has been modified again and again and people confront a plenty of emerging cellphone which changed our concept of cellphone years by years.

The typical kind of cellphone Nokia 3310 that was one of the cool cellphone by Nokia Inc hardly find someone still use, perhaps on gumtree.

The cellphone develop from the black and white screen to the colorful screen and now even become a small computer that we alway call smart phone. 


In 2007, the CEO of Apply Inc, Steve Jobs, brought out a brand new idea for smart phone which is iPhone! The 6 generations of iPhone completely  change the idea of cellphone and give a new impressive power!

If we went back to 20 years ago, can we imagine how the iPhone looks like?  Maybe yes or no, nobody can give a promise. That is, iPhone the new concept of cellphone is benefited from the design fiction. That is the key of the success of Apple Inc who is the tycoon of this ten years for Smartphone.