Hypertext Super Power

Hypertext is a elaborate relationship among a huge number of texts. These texts are more or less connecting with each other so that the readers enabling to discovering one specific texts with one involved text in the texts ocean. The spectrum of hypertext is very broad. Where shall we enter the texts. The answer might be everywhere you can found. Somehow, it is like the detective film and you explore the connections of clues in the locale. Such a wide range of information offer enough space to academic media so that some author can create more forms of writing with hypertext.

The Hypertext prose, the author produce a document with links to documents on the same as well as on other websites. While writing the text, we might have to consider the outside links that we are using probably either are relevant  or irrelevant to another texts. Therefore, we should consider the way we build up the texts and choose the correct we use. Some books perhaps contains a dozen of links to support its idea, however, some of them would probably be paradoxic. On the other hand, some author tend to build up a lexias, which have included a broad range of information, so that the documents are  already clarified so its essence means readers could easily to find the information they want to.

The hypertext essay, which is kind of another system to clarify the documents, takes the from of a set of networked documents in order to either combine the documents into a large web or keep it alone. The author tries to build up the essay based on the networked documents so that they have depth enough to testify their idea within the texts.

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