Design Fiction happen on our Cells

The cellphone of history is not very long, the first hand-held mobile phone was demonstrated in 1973 by Dr Martin Cooper and John.F Mitchell. So only 30 years time for the mobile phone, however, the development of hand-held cellphone is proliferating with the amazing technology progression. From the functions to the appearances, the cellphone has been modified again and again and people confront a plenty of emerging cellphone which changed our concept of cellphone years by years.

The typical kind of cellphone Nokia 3310 that was one of the cool cellphone by Nokia Inc hardly find someone still use, perhaps on gumtree.

The cellphone develop from the black and white screen to the colorful screen and now even become a small computer that we alway call smart phone. 


In 2007, the CEO of Apply Inc, Steve Jobs, brought out a brand new idea for smart phone which is iPhone! The 6 generations of iPhone completely  change the idea of cellphone and give a new impressive power!

If we went back to 20 years ago, can we imagine how the iPhone looks like?  Maybe yes or no, nobody can give a promise. That is, iPhone the new concept of cellphone is benefited from the design fiction. That is the key of the success of Apple Inc who is the tycoon of this ten years for Smartphone.


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