The key learning we did this week was discussing the final touches again for assignment four, as well as discussing what we would need to be doing for assignments five parts one and two. We went over ensuring that we are including all the correct ACMI logo and fonts that we are required to use as a constraint. We discussed how for assignments five part a would be posting our films to the Screen Lab studio website (but also as a part of assignment four) for our exhibition, that would include:

  • a title, a short summary of your work, its process and what you got out of it and;
  • an embedded link to the final work housed on the MediaFactory Vimeo account
  • a featured image of the final work

The main conceptual and main media making elements we discussed were all in relation to our rough cuts of our ACMI short educational films for assignment four – uploading all of our rough cuts to the one drive to show both Cat and the class, in order to get some constructive criticism, and make any final changes before the due date this coming Friday (October 16th). For our group, we discussed how we had to be at 25 fps and were only currently at 23fps, how we had to work on making the audio clearer, and how there were two minor bits that were out of sync. We fixed these up, before uploading them to Vimeo.

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