The key learning we did this week was all in relation to Assignment Four, and all the requirements we have to meet in the next week. Cat told us we are expecting Field Carr in class next Tuesday – meaning we will need a rough cut put together by then.

The main conceptual elements we discussed were in relation to how we were going to make all of these requirements happen. This was going to be a big process for my group, as there are so many elements to the film, that all require to be made in seperate steps before we get to film the final piece. For our concept, we wished to make a real Pepper’s Ghost set and film myself presenting so we could place it in the set – so we are not only explaining the Pepper’s Ghost, but also showing an example of it.

The main media making element of this week was the execution of all of this. It began with us ordering acrylic sheets, foam board, hot glue gun/glue sticks and clear tape online, as nothing is open due to stage four restrictions in Victoria. This meant we had to wait it out till it came – luckily for us, however, it came in a very fast two days. Making the sets required a lot of trial and error. In total I made about 6 mock up pyramids before cutting into the acrylic sheet, which ended up being a process of scoring and snapping a net that I had designed up to make the pyramid. Then we trialed gluing it with plastic glue, which totally failed. It melted the acrylic, making it all cloudy and messy – resulting in having to make it again and using the clear tape instead to piece it together. Then, I had to film myself presenting for the set. I did this on a green screen background, and spent a lot of time colour correcting and cutting down the footage, so I was able to Ultrakey it to the best of my abilities. I also chose to record the audio with my Blue Yeti X mic, and sync it up with the audio. This I had some troubles with, as well as syncing up the audio, so I uploaded it to our groups OneDrive for Sarah to go over and cut and correct further. Once we did this, we were able to execute a first shoot of the set, which proved to be difficult due to having to film the hologram on an iPad and in the dark. I shot it on my NikonD3200 and took some shots on my CanonEOS300d. I was able to pass this on to Sherly, who made it into a rough edit for Cat, Field and the class to see on Tuesday.

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