The key learning we did this week was in relation to both assignment #2 and #4, covering the expectations and constraints within the assignments, as well as exploring this idea of the “gallery experience” – as we move closer to the ACMI Exhibition micro video essays we will be creating for assignment #4.

The main conceptual element we focused in on being this “gallery experience”, exploring how the video essays will be presented in the setting of a walk through gallery exhibition, as well as how they will be presented in the setting of online gallery exhibitions; in order to help explain how our video essays may be presented, so we are able to present the ACMI topics in an educating, engaging and entertaining manner.

The main media making element we focused in on this week being the silent era film, exploring silent films that have already been produced, to try help us understand how to create an experimental video with no dialogue, and find inspiration as well as understand the task that assignment #2 is asking of us.

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