The key learning we did this week was mostly in relation to the development of assignments two and four. We looked into the expectations of us, as well as the constraints that are in place.

The main conceptual ideas for assignment two were to create a silent, three minute film with a three/five-act story structure. The main media making element we discussed was how we rely on the sound design and shots we take, in terms of trying to tell a story in this case, as there is no dialogue. We also discussed the importance of trying to create a film that was G rated, as this is an ACMI parameter, and we should be working to practice the development of content that works within ACMIs constraints, and developing our skills of working to a brief, for when we finally enter the media industry.

For assignment four, we mostly discussed collaborative contracts when working in group situations (which sign over the rights for everyones work who is in it to be able to be used in the final film), and the topics that would be in place so we could begin  to discuss and generate thoughts on what we will be doing when we come back from the mid-semester break.


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