Can you bind a book?

In the lecture we were talking about knowing the process of getting something published and the idea was that we are print literate but not digitally literate.

Apparently, we know how to get a book published and how a book is made but we have no idea online of how anything works and we are completely reliant on 3rd party providers.

I fully back the idea that we have less of an idea of how things work past our computer screens, however, honestly, how many of us could bind a proper book or even explain how to do it in any sort of detail? Have a look at this picture of a¬†Book Binding¬†apparatus and please tell me if you’d know how to use it.

Books and blogs are platforms for information, as bloggers or authors, we are content creators and that is our role in the process. I believe that a web designer has a very different role and there are many people needed to create a webpage. Similarly, to the many people needed to create a book.

We got taught how to write in books as kids now are being taught how to type on computers. I don’t believe there is much difference.

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