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Cal Newport – So Good They Can’t Ignore You


Cal Newport’s chapter, ‘The Clarity of the Craftsman’, investigates the mindset of a creative worker. This can probably be replicated in any profession, however, I feel as though it is more relevant to those working as a creative. Newport uses the example of Jordan Tice, a guitar player and how he deals with the pressures surrounding artistic work. His music is described as his passion and that is what drives him everyday and he is happy to sit there practising something small if it adds to the quality of his music. This attitude is described as the craftsman mindset. Stop being bothered by whether the job is right for you or if you should be doing it, just focus on being really good at what you are doing.


This concept of not being so self-centred and just doing what your doing is really useful for me. I am a chronic stress head when it comes to my abilities and how good I am at something. And then the passion will come later and I think that will come when you relax and start to feel more confident.


Newport’s chapter reminded me of a Ted talk we watched in my Graphic Design elective. The teacher (Joe) put this on at the end of a class and even though it isn’t exactly saying what Newport is; I found it a very useful resource for creative work and having a new mindset in terms of your craft. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk – ‘Your Elusive Creative Genius’ goes into how you are just a vessel and basically you work hard at what you are doing and your ‘genius’ might give you a hand. It’s definitely worth a listen.


These ideas being presented about creative work are very important for me, to get me out of my ingrained way of thinking and attempt to embrace a new mindset towards my work.

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