Unlecture 11: record EVERYTHING.

In the lecture, it was mentioned that the internet is a free economy. Adrian also talked about how some bands will allow people to record their concerts and share it online. I remembered last year when Google teamed up with MBC and streamed an entire Kpop Music Festival for free on Youtube, I watched it all live, and it was awesome, but it still couldn’t compare to if I was actually there obviously. The topic of ‘over sharing’ was brought up, and this made me think of one of my pet peeves.

In my experience, I have found it is far more special and rewarding seeing your favourite celebrities in front of you or near you than trying to record them so you can experience it all later. I recently went to two ‘celebrity/ entertainment’ based events, SQ Entertainments K-fest, and Rudimental’s concert, both times when people were on stage, everyone around me was watching them through their phones or cameras. Its almost expected that that is what you do in these situations. When you spend the entire show looking through a phone screen and making sure you are capturing the moment, you are really missing the point of being there. You go to experience the person first hand, if you wanted to watch them on a screen you can just go to Youtube and watch their other live performances. At the K-wave event, two of the special guests, Simon and Martina, walked in front of me on their way to the stage, close enough I could reach out and touch them, and while other people around me scrambled through their bags trying to get out their phones, many of them missed being able to see them up close, and I am happy I made the decision to just experience these things, and not ruin it for myself by trying to capture everything like a reporter.

It actually made me think about the people who will take a photo of a famous monument, but not one with them in front of said monument. I mean, there are plenty of brilliant photos of that monument on Google, if you wanted to prove you were there, or have a memory from there, at least include yourself in the photo as well.

Also the talk of protocol when writing emails made me  chuckle to myself, because I am so particular about  those things. I write an email, and then read it over, and find all these misinterpretations that could be made, and space out my smiley faces as naturally as I can, and just obsessive about it. Not so much because of protocol when writing emails, but I guess I just have my own protocol on these things.

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