Week 3

I found this weeks reading rather mixed. On the one hand I very much understood the plight of the journalist that so many amateurs can come into the industry or flood the interwebs with mindless clickbait, however, I also understand how there is a market for that approach, and if they won’t fill that void someone will.

It felt almost surreal to me the idea that ‘creative industry’ jobs should get paid at a ground level, it’s the way I’ve understood how it works since I was ever interested. Although it would be amazing for interns and the likes to not be taken advantage of or at least underpaid, it is unrealistic in my eyes and really the beauty of the internet in many ways. There is endless amounts of content out there and so many content producers that not everyone is going to get paid. Maybe they do it for the exposure, or the passion, and every day I’m certain that it’s getting harder and harder to make a living off such an industry, but I think we can adapt.

I say a lot of this from the very little experience that I have as an amateur in the “Creative Industry”. I started a website a year ago and haven’t made a dollar off any of my articles or content. However, that content has built a brand, and I have used that brand to create art gallerys and partnerships with music festivals, and that has supplied an income. So ultimate I agree with the sentiment but I couldn’t help but think that in order to survive, everyone needs to adapt to an ever changing market.

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