We keep talking about how linking to each other creates the network’s structure. Well hashtags are also a way of linking to other stuff online, and we should definitely continue using hashtags – but ONLY in writing. Imagine if we start speaking in hashtags…


Design Fiction

The readings for this week – week 3, were about Design Fiction (DF). So what is DF? According to Matthew Ward DF is: “DF as a pedagogic practice allows students to think about the future (consequences, possibilities, actions and events) through the very material of their practice.” So DF is a practice were we allow ourselves to work with a set of future expectations while producing ideas. We use the “what if”-question as a support to the otherwise creative thinking that has no boundaries. Therefor with DF we create knowledge in the frames of knowing about the future.

The article “Sci-­Fi Writer Bruce Sterling Explains the Intriguing New Concept of Design Fiction”  is about Bruce Sterling and his explanation of DF. When I read the article I didn’t really understand the concept, but I liked the examples presented in the article. Especially the one where an iPad is used as an sci-fi prop in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” from 1969. I bet that no one imagined that the iPad actually would become real in todays society.