Week 2

This weeks readings was about Chris Argyris‘ theories of action, double-loop learning and organizational learning. When reading the text I thought I understood the main idea of the theory, but didn’t really get why we had to read something about organizational learning. That might also have been because my mind was loaded with questions about; “how do I turn on my spam filter” and “how do I make that damn YouTube video appear as an image in my post!?” (I’m pretty green when it comes to blogging). But after attending week 2’s lecture, I suddenly saw why Adrian wanted us to read this piece.

When it comes to a blog as a medium and as a tool to learn by doing in class, it’s different from what most students are used to. We are used to being told and to listen. But by implementing the blogging culture into our learning, we might change the values that comes with learning, and if we do the double-loop has done it’s work and we can now begin to expand our learning capabilities: “It  is  only  by  interrogating  and  changing  the  governing values,  the  argument  goes,  is  it  possible  to  produce  new action  strategies  that  can  address  changing circumstances. (Smith, M. K. (2001) ‘Chris Argyris: theories of action, double-loop learning and organizational learning’, the encyclopedia of informal education, p. 10)





Source: (Salem Mafari, 9 Oct. 2011)