Week 4- Unlecture

It was great to finally get into the Unlecture this week. I really enjoyed the format and think it will only get stronger as the weeks go on and we get used to it.

One of the key things I took away from the lecture is that the idea of this course is to turn us into good problem solvers, to be willing to think outside the box. It’s something that has been discussed all semester but I guess I finally made the connection with design and how you train your brain to think.

Brian spoke about how there was a top down assumption in modernist thinking, he spoke about the planning of commission buildings and how the communities to be affected weren’t consulted at all. It’s interesting comparing this model to the reading Adrian posted about twitter and the evolution into “no management” operating where employees were given full information and consulted on decisions and encouraged to take responsibility where they excel, ask for help where they need etc.  (I am remembering this from reading the article over a week ago and may be incorrect- this is a perfect example of Elliot’s discussion about how the internet has changed how we think and remember so that we know where we got the information but not the information itself.)

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