My First Unlecture

Having missed week 1 due to generously scheduled holidays, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with the unlecture of week 2. After taking the opportunity to relax into the unorthodox method of teaching I found it to be an engaging strategy.

For some reason I’ve always been interested in the learning process and find the overly standardised process of learning in Australia a little worrying.  I’m excited to see how the participatory nature of the unlectures develops through the weeks, we’re all a little reluctant at the moment.

I did find the lecture to be a little too focused on exposition rather than actually sinking out teeth into anything. Again I think this is probably to ease us into this learning/teaching model and to encourage us to participate to take full advantage of the benefits of this learning style. The most encouraging prospect for me is that the course genuinely seems staged to evolve to best enhance the learning based on (and reacting to) the participation of the students.


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