Planet Galata- a K-Film!

“The Galata bridge in Istanbul is a cosmos of its own. Between shops, restaurants and inrushes of tourists we meet people for who the bridge is home, hope and purpose in life.”

This is a film by a Turkish filmmaker known as Florian Thalhofer. It looks at the Galata bridge in terms of all those affected by its presence in Istanbul.

I’ve been looking for different ways to show the interface for our next k-film and thought the way it was used in Planet Galata worked really well:
Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.06.44 PMThe main ‘playing’ clip in the middle and the other profiles on either side of it. Everything looks neat, clean and nicely balanced. When you hover over one of the images, a title text for that profile is shown.

Ho. Hum. Another observance, another idea to keep in mind.

The full film is available here. 


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