How to analyse K-films

– How various content relates to each other
– The connection between content
– The relations that are created
– E.g different perspectives from different people on the same topic

– How does “what is there to do” relate to the patterns that emerge?
– What does it allow you to do?
– How does the creator control the user’s experience?
– The interface is where the user-experience occurs.
– Talk about the way the thumbnails are designed.
– Is placement changing or staying put?

– In actuality- what it is
– What you put into the system of relations
– What is the work “about”? : Place?
– Inside what context is the work situated?
– E.g. strong use of narration?

How do the three combine? How is one used to explore the other?

– System of relations

See this for a sample analysis:

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