Understanding ‘Dark Ads’ – Ashleigh Hinchen

This video is a detailed explainer about an area of Automative Decision-making, News and Media. Specifically, it explores ‘Dark Ads’; what they are, their risks and concerns and how we can compare them to the targeted advertisements we receive daily. The main argument of the explainer is that the transparency levels of dark ads is unacceptable. It features an interview with lead researcher, Dan Angus, who utilises his expertise in the ADM, news and media field to explain the key aspects of ‘dark ads’. The explainer highlights the risks and concerns of ‘dark ads’ and how they can impact society. It features a case study to provide evidence of their impact. The case study is from 2016, involving Donald Trump and his marketing techniques during the 2016 election. It concludes on influencing the audience to demand for transparency from advertisers to ensure consumers safety.


Creating this explainer was a detailed process. The amount of research that was required to ensure I was producing high-quality content and relevant information was something I underestimated in the beginning. I had to perform forms of research that I hadn’t done prior to this task. For example, I set up an interview with an expert in the field to gain opinions and information on my topic. I also had to find a relevant case study to provide real life examples. Each of these elements required time and attention, as they were lengthy processes that ended up being the foundations of my explainer. I also hadn’t created a video explainer before this studio. However, after creating rough cuts and hearing peer feedback, I now believe I know the basics of what makes a good explainer and what I need to do differently next time.  This task has given me new approaches to researching that I will apply in the future. I am now confident in my ability of setting up interviews with professionals, which will be a handy skill in my future units. Therefore, I have gained new research and production skills that will help me in my remaining studies as a communications student.

– Ashleigh Hinchen


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