‘How Ai and ADM in Movies Compares to Real Life’ – Nick O’Brien

Written, directed and edited by Nick O’Brien

Narrated by Ian McNabb

My primary goal for this film was to create a piece that delivered a transparent insight into the workings of ADM systems and ease the many cases of ‘Tech paranoia’ that have resulted from AI’s depiction within film. I wanted my film to be bright, energetic and eye catching to deliver my message in a fashion that mimics the style of the attention-grabbing video explainers found on Facebook. In order to achieve this, I was required to spend hours upon hours sourcing enough clips to allow for a final edit that established and maintained a sense of energy. To further conjure a lively atmosphere and tightly bond audio with visuals I enlisted the help of an American friend to do the narration, Ian’s bouncy delivery paired with his crisp articulation provided the exact auditory stimulation required for my piece. Going into this assignment I was originally intending to provide comparisons for all 5 focus areas, however for various reasons I decided to cut it back to two. Choosing the focus area of Health and the area of News and Media allowed me to establish contrast between tones and subject matter, with the contrasting nature of these areas not only providing a broader insight into the world of ADM but also create dynamic flow within the piece. Making this explainer video introduced me to areas of ADM I was previously, pulling back the curtain on many of the positive contributions from ADM. My discovery through research only solidifies the purpose of this film, to counter the hysteria surrounding ADM and provide a transparent insight into the benefits and potential risks of an important part of our future.


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