Remember Me.

Film by Amelia Christie

What do you do if you can’t trust your own memories? A filmmaker tries to understand her own childhood by looking into the story of Nicole Kluemper.

I wanted to explore the mental and physical manifestations of memory, especially memories of trauma. How do we situate ourselves in a world where we cannot be certain in our own memories? How do we form identities? And how can we heal from traumas that may not have even happened.

The process of making this film has taught me a lot creatively and technically.

The biggest lesson I have learnt has been to really narrow down on what it is you want to say. Only when you are clear on your thoughts are you able to fully utilize the vast array of film techniques available to you to communicate with the audience. Documentary making fundamentally comes down to expressing truth, and phenomenal documentaries are those that can offer up the audience truths that are difficult to express in ways other than film like subtle feelings, confusions and contradictions.

This has been a truly fulfilling and challenging film to make that has forced me to reckon with how I view my own story in order to be able to tell that story to others.

This film has also made me grow my practical skillset as a filmmaker. From shooting to editing, stylistic choices and audio recording, I have been able to expand my technical capabilities in a way that only makes me more excited to keep learning.

rmitmediastudent • June 1, 2021

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