In the Blue Corner

In the Blue Corner is a short documentary about the film maker Tom Kerr and how he finds ways to overcome the mental health issues that he faces through the sport of boxing and training with the goal of fighting in mind.

The film acts as a confessional for Tom as he talks about why he trains, what he hopes to gain from the training as well as what has lead him to this point in his life and how it is setting him up for the future and whatever challenges it may bring to him.

Making this film was very confronting for me, not because I have not talked about my own mental health before, but because I had never really talked about it in such a positive manner in a way that would be shared with other people before.  That it is what I want the viewers to take away from this, not that I can box at an average level or that I think I am cool but that it is possible to get better, maybe not forever but that there are good times.


rmitmediastudent • June 1, 2021

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