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Seem- Jiahui, Shihao, Ziyi from Jiahui Wang on Vimeo. App Name: Seem Slogan: Seem, to see yourself. Created by Ziyi Ning, Jiahui Wang, Shihao Tu   We divide Seem into two parts which targeting two different groups of people. One is for photo users, like most of the other social media does, users can share…

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Vougish – The one stop influencer shop!

The application that has been designed is called ‘Vougish’, is is a platform that is convenient and saves users time as everything you need is in the one place. The platform is a fashion app which is an application that sells fashion products like shoes, clothes and handbags that influencers have worn on social media…

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By Humairaa and Qinyuan Qian CollabFriends is an app designed for content creators, brands and businesses to collaboratively work together. We take marketing to the next level. This app combines e-commerce and creative video content together. CollabFriends provides high-value business services for brands and brings benefits to creators.

Diose Created by Han Xiang, Ziyi Song

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to use Diose. First of all, The concern idea from our group to create this platform cause the impact of the Covid-19, everyone can only stay at home and work and study. Our main function is “Background sound of the study location”. In Diose is Study room, where users can select different location…

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NEW AGED An applied tool to safeguard the life and health of older people NEW AGED is a tool-based application designed specifically for older people to provide them with up-to-date information, safeguard their health and make their lives easier. NEW AGED offers six functions: “Daily News”, “Weather”, “Health Records”, “Chats”, “Emergency calls” and “GPS position”. These…

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Visual journaling Kode (VJK)

Created by Man Tsoi Leung, Xitong Fang, Junming Qiu     Welcome to VJK App Platform. Do you want to communicate with celebrities face to face? Do you want to improve your communication efficiency? Do you even want to control the use time of your child? Our goal is to allow users around the world…

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Soulmates aim to better help people connect together. Our mission is to provide the safest and easiest experience when it comes to building relationships and meeting in person with others! In an increasingly digitised world we believe harvesting a platform that promotes physical connection is needed. So, if this sounds something you’d be interested in,…

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SeniorFriendly App

Created by Wanyun Tang, Shanshan Gao and Qiqi He Hello, are you still confused about complicated pages? Are you still troubled by diversified functions? Do not worry! All your problems can be solved in our senior friendly app. We are focusing on the easier and more convenient use of mobile phones for the elderly, and…

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  Created by Austar and Zach Studybuddies is an app designed to help international students connect with one another when here studying in Melbourne! Want some help translating something into English? Some friends from your home country to hang out with? Studybuddies is to make international students feel like help isn’t so far away!  


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