Our goal is to explore the online mode of distributing a video series within our current media landscape. We aim to take an in-depth look into different platforms and how they distribute their content, and the types of content that is accessible to each specific service and what is appropriate for each medium. We will also provide a detailed overview of the process of airing a new series for distribution and the key elements and hurdles that must be overcome to do so. Finally, the reception of different distribution models will be examined, in terms of what audiences respond to and how they interact with the platform and the content.

Through our research we plan to identify and characterise specific elements of distribution, processes, and reception of various broadcasting media platforms. Our main objective is to evaluate and pinpoint the most effective broadcast method and platform, in order to gain a valuable understanding of various platforms and their broadcasting processes and potential for the foreseeable future. 

The process of airing a series for an online broadcast will then be explained and analysed in-depth, in relation to these different media platforms. This will incorporate how a show is conceptualised and written for a specific medium, the various avenues available for the funding of a project, what are the key milestones and the costs involved versus the end return/profit associated with producing a series, and how different series are marketed to maximise reach and awareness. This will involve a personal case-study of each step of the process from conceptualising an idea for content to turning it into a widely distributed and followed series.


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