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Is online distribution a more viable form of delivering content than traditional television in 2015?

Through this research report we aim to discover how the distribution of a series is becoming more effective and accessible that the traditional form of episodic release through television broadcast. We will be focussing specifically on drama series’ rather than any other form of show, simply to refine our area of expertise and also because we are all interested in this medium.

We aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the online mode of distribution and how it works. Through this understanding we will be able to use our knowledge of the distribution process to actively predict and deconstruct the way in which this certain type of media is delivered to particular audiences and demographics. This information will be useful to us as media graduates with a particular interest in distribution/communication and the various roles involved in the entire process, so this research project will allow us to delve into an industry that we aspire to work in post-graduation. Upon completion of this research report, we will be able to make some educated claims as to how this industry will continue to evolve, and the most appropriate  modes of distribution that will succeed in terms of reaching an audience, prompting interactions, and delivering a service of entertainment to a customer.


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