My Method of working Pt. 1

So to be quite honest, not truly sure what it is I am to be writing about for the method of working task but I shall give it my best go. I couldn’t really think of what I wanted to write about so I decided to start with the basic, what I want from this semester question.
Whaaaaaat do I want from this semester?

Well, I guess I want to just know more about the process of making films and become more experienced with making films. I feel pretty comfortable with the process now as I am in my third year WOAH! and you would have thought along the way I learn a thing or two. Well, I know for sure I want to pursue directing and editing as a career and I’m enjoying learning through practice.

Research for me tends to be watching other films and music videos and taking note of the style they chose to use to portray that certain script.

I come up with ideas for something I would like to do a lot and I need to start writing them down and storing them somewhere for future use.

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