I missed the first week of the Media Industries class but that wasn’t too much to worry because the meaty goodness came in the second week where we chose areas of interest for the seminar series. I was originally standing in the film section because that was what I had always wanted to do, but knowing that I wasn’t actually going to make a film I opted in with the social media crew because it was a little something different and there wasn’t as many people in the group. The next decision was the date that our seminar would be held and it turned out to be the first week of seminars which was week 5, which I guess is a blessing in disguise because we get it all out of the way and we set a course of direction for other groups of what works well and what doesn’t work well. I’m extremely happy with my group and I believe we can.

Our other first course of business was to come up with a catchy title that could be used sort of metaphorically with aspects of social media. We came up with In(ternet)ception which we likened to the different and constantly evolving areas within social media, much like the course of the movie. This was a good starting point and as I like to work with posters and such I took on board creating the poster for the seminar.


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