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How does this documentary alter your understanding of Internet?

This documentary altered my perception of the internet into a more transparent entity that has the power to make change on a number of levels. It showed me that there is a ‘community’ of people that are able to come together from their own living rooms and make a change.

How is social media used to create a community of people who share a similar interest and politics?

Social media has pages and words that help determine what sort of groups are made for you based on your likes and interests that you have let know to the particular networking platform. Joining these groups then lets you converse and engage with people who share similar interests and politics which can then lead to bigger things.

What ideas does this documentary raise in regards to designing an event that asks people to participate and become part of a community?

This documentary shows that the online platform and communities is a very powerful device that can be used to hold events all across the globe which happened much to the surprise of most of the participants of anonymous. They based the event around one particular event occurring on a particular day that hit a very strong chord with most of the anonymous community making it the success that it was.


Firstly i found this quite funny because on my day off when i was chillaxing on the couch I actually watched this and thought it related very closely to what I learnt at uni, TV is educational!

How does this documentary alter your understanding of the way you use social media?

When we spoke about social media producers in class I though “How on earth do social media producing stack up as a viable working position”? This doco completely changed my perception for this question and went way beyond. I especially found the guy who started up ‘The Audience” very interesting as I didn’t think such organisations existed let alone be as successful as he was. I also found how companies exploit social media users as a form of promotion for their brand with competitions, hashtags, interactions etc. Some would argue that it in someways takes advantage of the social media user who make money off them from clicks, likes and retweets. Personally, I don’t see it in this way, (I probably didn’t explain it properly), however it is the next wave of brand promotion and engagement with audiences and has seamlessly become a way of life for the modern person.

What connections can you make with the role of a Social Media Producer?

The role of a social media producer seems to vary and can be utilised in different ways. One example showed the use of analytics to help determine what kind of advertisements would best correspond with the celebrity or brand that they were representing. Another is the optimisation of posting times and content to best spread the image, this was usually pre-determined so that it would reach the widest audience.

What ideas does this documentary raise in regards to the event your group is planning and the task of achieving participatory engagement?

One of the main things that I took from the documentary that could be related directly to group assignment is that social media users aren’t always looking for the straightforward videos, or pictures, but rather things that they would not usually see. This makes me think that the more juicy and crazy we can make our event appears, the more intake we will receive from a wider audience.