Questions 3 Analysis

Rolling was a fantastic short film that definitely grasped the ‘moment in time’ aspect that for me makes a short film likeable. Short films don’t really have enough time to create characters or motifs through dialogue alone, meaning that to capture the same moment of emotion needs to be done with a larger emphasis on audio and visual cues. Rolling definitely had one of those moments that made me feel good. The cuts between the present and flashbacks helped the temporal aspect of the film which created a ‘a-ha’ moment which lead to me understanding the meaning behind the toilet paper. The lead males acting was very good for the role of the awkward lovestruck boy however the girls acting was a bit to confronting for what i was expecting of her role. This is an important part that will need to be noted in the production stages of making our short film, continuity and the way the actors are directed will reflect straight onto how the film turns out. Like Paul mentioned, the scene production in some parts of the film wasn’t as good as others. I’m not the biggest fan of critiquing films as it makes you sound like you would make a much better film, which in no means is what I am for but in any case this film is fantastic and definitely makes use of the ‘shortness’ in the short film.

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