‘Home’ and its relationship with ‘design fiction’

Following the Matthew Ward reading on ‘design fiction as a pedagogic practice,’ I was left intrigued by the assertion that “all design is fiction.”  It is true that design as a practice never exists in the “here and now,” but to me design appears to be contingent on varying degrees of imagination and speculation, versus proven science and necessary intervention. That said, does the minds conception of utopia and future gadgets as per Corning’s “a day made of glass” versus architecture and plans for a replacement public toilet in your local park involve varying degrees of ‘fiction’ or ‘design fiction’?
Both are as Ward says: for a world and set of conditions that are “yet to be.”

The first video for a music project I’m involved in called ‘The Trotskies’ was released last night, and the editor worked under our complex design parameters of “you know, just kind of make it look weird and abstract.” Subsequently, in the time between shooting and production all band members continued to speculate about what the end product would be, explaining to each other with conceptions of fiction what “wierdness” our editor could and would produce.

The concepts and applications of design fiction Ward puts forward have made me rethink this whole process of a video, especially done under the guise of musical art aesthetics, and it’s production process of idea development, planning and possibilities.