In what is perhaps the biggest feather in the Internets cap to date (Sorry Kony, Miley and most of all FarmVille), anonymous thieves have returned a Melbourne bands Fender Combo Amp after the #Ampgate saga came to it’s close. So the story pretty much goes a guy in a fedora (pictured above) and his scumbag in crime stole a prized piece of equipment from the Smith Street Band. Did I say one of them was wearing a fedora?

Following this pettiest of petty thefts, the SMB frontman Will Wagner issued this plea:

“On Saturday night (technically Sunday morning), at around 2.30am someone stole my Fender combo amp off the stage at The Old Bar,” wrote the 22-year-old songwriter online. “If you saw anything or know someone that did please let us know. I would much rather just get the amp back than get police involved but I will if I have to because we leave for tour in 10 days and I’d kind of like to use an amp.”

#Ampgate quickly gained legs online, and subsequently Black Fedora contacted the band to talk business.

The back and forth bargaining between Fedora and Wagner was played out miraculously online via various social media accounts, and the crooks “agreed to return the amp by taxi to a mutual location,”according to Wagner. Ofcourse, keeping the #Ampgate readership up to date and first in the know, he added – “I will be the first to know when it arrives, you all will be next.”

“The Eagle Has Landed!” confirmed Wagner on reclaiming the internets most infamous amp, and I am stoked to tell you justice prevailed with aid of hypertext.

I think this incarnation of the internet as law enforcer, crook catcher and fedora shamer is the best one. Sigourney Weaver, ladies and gentlemen.

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