Okay I just can’t deal with this anymore. (These statements have no political bias, I don’t like either of the major parties)

In three days, the Opposition Leader and in all likelihood the next leader of our country has dropped “suppository of wisdom,” defined a female candidates worth to her local electorate as her “sex appeal,” and labelled marriage equality as “the fashion of the moment.”

Apart from building an amazing dossier of ‘Im a F***ing Halfwit Moron” moments showing he has the elegance and guile of a drunk elephant, Abbott has just made me plain afraid of the proposition that Australia will have a leader who belongs in the 1600’s.

He called the pass he made at Lindsay Scott “a dad moment.” A dad moment? what? is that what dads even do? daddy?

Yesterday, If I was his openly gay sister Christine, I would have choked on my snickers. If anyone I know dismissed my openly gay friends or family for something so trivial I’d expect mutiny – and this would be the same for most of my generation – so why is this guy even in the conversation to lead, and why can’t young people kind of make this a little bit more of an issue as opposed to the totally inadequate oxygen its receiving.

I don’t know what anyone under the age of 50 could see in this guy other than an antiquated old fool with a predilection for suppositories. The guy couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, has the conversational skills of a cornflake and he’s seriously starting to creep me out.

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