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After having a browse around my wonderful classmates’ blogs this week, I have been left pondering network literacy in different forms. Although we all attended the same symposium and listened to the same panel, it has become evident that we all digest this material in such different ways, similar to the way in which we network!

Amy suggests that there is a difference between being able to use a function and understanding the entire network process. She discussed that we are not yet literate until we know and understand the concept beyond the basic functional use. I essentially agree with this, as it is much easier to write an email than to understand the network functions of how a written email travels from my window to your “inbox.” Similarly, it tends to be easier to read a book than write one, or forego tightrope walking to watch, because you’ve never done more than pay for a ticket to the circus. Steph is on a similar wavelength to Amy and I, as she asked  “does knowing how to work a website make you network literate or do you need to know how to actually make the website?” Whether your answer to this is yes or no appears to be subjective decision, however my answer is that it sure as hell helps.

Kerri raised a very interesting discussion about whether the “fake it till you make it” approach really works, both in terms of network literacy and in life in general, using an example of  Andrew Flanagan, who was almost hired as group general manager for strategy and business development when they believed his fake references and failed to check their sources.

My question from such an example is whether networking in terms of technology and the internet has made us lazy? Did the HR representatives from Myer assume that ‘surely’, somehow they would have found out by now if this guy was legit? Maybe we are so used to having all the information we need at our fingertips, or literally sent to our inbox that the world is becoming a place devoid of any desire to actively seek information (even when it affects a multimillion dollar company.)




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