Today’s workshop featured the presentations of Project Brief #3. I found it incredibly interesting (much like Project Brief 2) how everybody approached their media portrait. Who they chose to feature, how they decided on representing their chosen person through the elements of found and shot footage, and particularly how they chose to work their found footage into their video and what types of footage they used. I feel as though many people decided on using found footage that correlated to their audio/subject at matter – a decision I too made. Which  made it feel as though their was some sorts of connection between the presented videos. Whether it was a friend, family member, or just somebody they knew, the presented persons in these media portraits urged me to think of these same people in my life.

Again, in assessing these project briefs, we used the four-coloured hats method.
I was flattered to receive of a lot of positive feedback for my media portrait of Tom, not being given a black hat. (RED) Initial response to the video was that the use of audio over different visuals was well worked, and that the found footage was relevant and fluent in the development of the video. (YELLOW) Something liked by those giving feedback was keeping the entire video black and white, in that the found footage and the shot footage were easily cut in and out of one another. (GREEN) Creative possibilities that were suggested by Sam, Eliza and Justin was that I could have used more live footage of Tom talking to the camera than playing guitar, and that other sounds than guitar could have been incorporated to provide another meaning to the media portrait.

I also helped in giving Justin’s work some feedback. My initial response to his video was that his found footage gave a sense of continuity, and was well-worked throughout the portrait. It also served to develop his friend’s personality, without having to physically see him – this being a really creative and unique avenue taken my Justin. Another creative direction that could have been taken by Justin is in contrast. To see a little more of his friend, possibly to allow a deeper connection with his subject and his audience. Overall Justin’s media portrait was well developed, produced and enjoyable to watch. His work can be found here:

Lastly, we were put into groups of 3 for the introduction to Project Brief #4.


We spent the majority of our time together getting to know one another, an in depth knowledge of your group members is vital – for reasons that are at the moment, unknown. But after talking and talking and talking we found out a lot about one another’s personalities and interests, and more so the things that we have in common – of which we had a surprising amount. Foremost common interests of ours included film and sound, hopefully utilising one of these in the production of Project Brief #4. But finally, our given theme to focus on for the project is mediums. Not gonna lie, we were all a little perplexed as to what ‘mediums’ truly alluded to – but I’m sure we’ll wrap our heads around it and create something magical with it.

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