Project Brief #3

My project brief is subjected on my friend Brodie. He is here in Melbourne for one year on a tourist visa and can be seen and heard in my project brief. I tried to capture his positive outlook on life, his existential curiosity and willingness to explore the world and learn from society around him.

I believe that I captured the essence of Brodie quite well in my project brief. I captured his general nature and was able to contextualise him quite well by using the found footage. I still think that I fall short in my abilities to express a certain point by editing clips together. I need to sharpen my technical abilities so much in my opinion.

An epiphany that I reached whilst creating this brief was how crucial editing is to making a comment on something. The placement on certain clips next to other clips can exercise meaning in different ways and it was fun to play around with that concept.

What I learnt most in the developing of this project was how crucial technique is to the broader Media landscape. After watching my clip back and seeing technical faults, it worries me that a good idea is not enough to get you by in the world. A good understanding of technique and different practices goes hand in hand with your conceptual idea and in unison, is what makes for a great piece of art.

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