Mind Bloggled

Blogs are everywhere now. Almost every single company, organisation or business will have some sort of media department. Whether it’s to simply advertise a brand through imagery and video or to provide a platform for engagement and communication between manufacturer and consumer, blogs have become an essential tool for reputation development. From the ideas and concepts presented in the week 2 reading of Network Media, I am now beginning to become fully aware of just how important the development an online persona is in the world of today. Unlike websites, through the use of blogs, we are now able to interact with our readers. Blogs enable much more than just a presentation of information like that of a novel, search engine or diary, but become a portal for creative communication of ideas and thoughts and provide an environment for people to extend their thoughts through that of other readers, irrespective of location. Here is a link to a blog with the most recent statistics on social media in Australia¬†http://frankmedia.com.au/2014/06/02/social-media-statistics-australia-may-2014/

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