“It Makes Me Feel Freer Than Ever”

Congratulations to Australian model Andrej Pejic who has taken the final steps in becoming the person she has always dreamed of. Only two years older than myself, and after almost a decade long transformation, Andrej is now at peace with her own reflection. I feel very proud to live in a country where people are now accepting one another for who they really are, and who they really want to be, rather than being caged by the shallow restraints of societal history. For someone who ‘s whole career balances on their appearance, I dedicate this post to a very brave woman.

For the full article click here: http://www.9news.com.au/national/2014/07/25/19/35/androgynous-model-andrej-pejic-now-a-woman

Source : www.9news.com.au

Source : www.9news.com.au


Get With The Times Harry

According to today’s Herald Sun, prince Harry claims to ‘really quite hate’ twitter as a result of the invasion of his privacy in which it causes. However, forgive me if I’m alone on this one but doesn’t being second in line for the thrown kind of go hand in hand with a relatively public life? Yet, irrespective of who you are, or what you’re destined to become, putting yourself online, whether it be through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even the old fashioned Hotmail is something that is undeniably permanent. Although private settings are available on most social networking sites, when something is put onto the internet, it will stored somewhere, somehow deep in the various portals that the internet holds.


Source: google.com

I personally believe, if you are going to put something on the internet then you are consciously choosing to allow other people to view this. It seems unfair to claim that social networking sites are an invasion of privacy when their fundamental purpose is to connect yourself with others. Why make a tweet if you don’t want people to read your opinion? Why upload a photo if you don’t want people to see what you look like? Why tags yourself at a location if you don’t want people to know where you are? Perhaps it’s a positive thing that the generations of today are becoming less private and more open to sharing themselves to new people. Comment below if you feel that with the immense presence of social media in our everyday lives is effecting our sense of personal privacy.


Mind Bloggled

Blogs are everywhere now. Almost every single company, organisation or business will have some sort of media department. Whether it’s to simply advertise a brand through imagery and video or to provide a platform for engagement and communication between manufacturer and consumer, blogs have become an essential tool for reputation development. From the ideas and concepts presented in the week 2 reading of Network Media, I am now beginning to become fully aware of just how important the development an online persona is in the world of today. Unlike websites, through the use of blogs, we are now able to interact with our readers. Blogs enable much more than just a presentation of information like that of a novel, search engine or diary, but become a portal for creative communication of ideas and thoughts and provide an environment for people to extend their thoughts through that of other readers, irrespective of location. Here is a link to a blog with the most recent statistics on social media in Australia http://frankmedia.com.au/2014/06/02/social-media-statistics-australia-may-2014/

Blast Off!

First blog post ever! Although I love to read a variety of blogs, I have never had the guts to create a blog myself. I really don’t know why I saw it as something so daunting, blogs are such a great way to express your thoughts and ideas and share your passions and interests with people from all over the world. Yet I believe the real beauty of blogging is the fact that you can actually engage with those that share similar interests and ideas.

Stay tuned for more posts about my studies in Media and Communications and little bits and pieces about my interests in fashion and film.

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