Symposium #4 – Question #1

How can you judge the validity of things on the internet?

I think trying to judge the validity of things on the internet is quite similar to judging the validity of any opinion raised in society today. Lengthy research must be done. You should never assume that just because someone has posted or said something that they are the trustworthy. You have to look into things for yourself, don’t assume something is valid unless you’re absolutely certain. For example if someone references a study or a quote from an ‘expert’, you need to look into the truth in their words, do your own investigating to see if they had their information correct. The same matters for images, we no longer live in an era when the camera doesn’t lie, thanks to applications like photoshop. An excellent thing about google is the image search option, where you can drag an image into the search bar and find the same or similar images. This is great for finding out where the image originally came from, and finding other sources relating to the validity of an image.

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