Our lives are not a story


Can it be considered, perhaps, that our lives are not an accident?

Who is to say that there is not someone who is dictating our life. A form of fate perhaps?

Is Lady Fate choosing what happens in our lives, all that happens perhaps is chosen, predetermined. The choices we think we made were chosen for us long ago, and we only believe that we are making a choice.

Just think on this concept. You could argue for hours that our lives are story being written by another.

I saw the 1997 film, ‘Insomnia’, this past weekend. It is a Norwegian film, directed by . It was remade in 2002 by Christopher Nolan and I am looking forward to seeing this version of the film soon.

Insomnia was very sinister and bleak. I thoroughly enjoyed it and its exploration of relationships, the nature of crime, and retribution. The locations are dark, foggy, confusing, and harsh, mimicking the tale the film tells.

The cinematic technique of jump cuts were used a a number of times to add to the creepy impression of this film. A jump cut is when the shot cuts to another that only varies slightly from the previous, a jarring effect.