“Network literacy is… being comfortable with change and flow as the day to day conditions of knowledge production and dissemination, and recognising that all of this may change, and appear differently in six months”

Will professional journalism become obsolete as a result of Internet technologies?

In the face of the rapid evolution of Internet technologies, professional journalism must look closely at its relationship with, and practices of citizen journalism, in order to remain a reliable, valuable and relevant news resource to the public.

In my essay I will explain the rise of citizen journalism, and assess the practice against that of professional, skilled reporters.

I will explore the issues versus the benefits that can arise from citizen and professional journalism, and the importance of network literacy to both. I will then examine what constitutes “good” journalism in the public eye.

Lastly, I will discuss the future for both citizen and professional journalism.

Rise of Citizen Journalism | Network Literacy and “Good Journalism” | Future of Journalism | References

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