Going Solo

Been yearning to get away to a particular place or nowhere in particular at all? Been pitching adventures to your friends who jump up and down with excitement at the time but weeks later give you that face when you bring it up again?

Go by yourself, you won’t regret it. Unless it’s a trip you were planning with a now ex-boy or girlfriend, then you might regret it when you’re staring at Love Lock Bridge alone in Paris secretly hoping the damn thing would just hurry up and collapse taking down all the smitten couples with it.

But seriously, if you want to go somewhere and can’t find a friend to go with, consider doing it on your own. If you’re worried about being lonely, single travellers are like a magnet for attention. It won’t be long until you’re doing shots with a group who seem to represent a cross section of the people in the world. It’s even more likely to be a group of Australians who will make you feel right at home with their abrasive accents.

There are so many benefits of solo travel. Firstly, you can do, see and eat what you want, when you want. It’s extremely liberating. Feel yourself slinking away from social situations usually? Solo travel will bring out independence and self-confidence. Hooray! No more of this –


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