Week 10 Notes

  • Facebook photos compiled- All the faces of facebook
  • Coles/Myer card- can generate data
  • Shopping preferences, annual income
  • Hubble Telescope- visualization of galaxies, natural networks
  • How networks develop
  • Search engines- Yahoo to Google, what made Google so huge & connected
  • Preferential attachment- blogs you would prefer to link to eg. you like them, they are authoritative
  • Some things get more links than others, therefore we get hubs
  • Hubs- weak connections
  • Small world network- easy to get from one part of the network to another seemingly unrelated part
  • Can’t predefine network
  • Structure predefines content on TV
  • Kevin Bacon is a hub- The Oracle of Bacon
  • Walkman originally made to be listened to by 2 people, Sony changed it
  • SMS designed as business function
  • Writing has changed everything
  • Store info for later
  • 1st iPod cost 4 times the price of mp3 players now
  • “1000 songs in your pocket”
  • Apple is a media publishing company
  • Apple= world’s largest media company
  • Non-negotiables eg. rectangular film, rhyming
  • Social shaping of technology
  • Technological determinism
  • Technique is required when you have technology
  • Techniques are consequences/ responses to technology
  • Technology sometimes used in ways that are unprecedented
  • Technology does not mean computers
  • Archival system is technology?
  • Way you use it is a technique
  • Post-humanist…..

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