Readings week 1 – Central conflict theory

Central conflict theory is a manual for an alternative cinema. It is (among other things) about how we see the world, narrate our own lives, histories and cultures and how limited (and destructive) we can be when we resort to Hollywood’s way of seeing. Much film theory covers the same territiory, but these are the words of an artist and should resonate with some vloggers. Central Conflict Theory refers to a type of dramatic construction, first developed by naturalist playwrights such as Ibsen, and later imposed as the model for Hollywood and international cinema. The crucial claim of this theory is, as Ruiz puts it, that “someone wants something and someone else doesn’t want them to have it. From this point on all the elements of the story are arranged around this central conflict”. I feel that when you draw ideas form only a certain culture you limit yourself and you start writing stories around stereotypes and also misunderstandings. Scripts or stories should not be limited, we should be able to keep an open mind and write about anything and everything.

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