blog #100: post one

Photography is such a beautiful thing, to be able to capture a moment in time with the click of a button. Any special moment, captured in an instant. The evolution of photography is also astounding, from the 1820’s to now – the possibilities for amazing photographs are endless. I’m very fortunate enough to have some […]

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blog #98: analysis three

The conclusion… The third and final analysis for this brief, and my final informal analysis before I dive in, head first, into the pool that is the essay. I’m going to look at this with more of an outsider’s point of view. There were definitely patterns that emerged from studying and analysing the online media use […]

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blog #97: analysis two

The evaluation… This analysis is focusing on my communicative media, that is my emails and iMessage, anything and everything that involves me speaking to people via online media. The difference between social media and communicative media, is that with communicative media, there’s more of a focus on communication and sharing a conversation between users; with social […]

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blog #96: analysis one

The evidence… I guess, looking over my daily media use, my social media use is considerably a lot less than everyone else. With that, this analysis blog entry will focus on my social media use. In reality, I sort of do the same thing daily with social media. That is, wake up, check every platform. […]

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blog #95: day seven

LAST DAY OF DAILY BLOGGING! Ok, I thought I’d go out with a bang and document my use of something that I really do use a whole lot… SNAPCHAT! Snapchat, truly to me, epitomises millennial social media. Put simply, “let’s make a social media app where users can put a picture on into the universe, […]

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blog #94: day six

What a day! First day complete at my new job and it was a hectic one, lucky I still have time to do these updates (of course I do, I need to graduate university this year). Today I want to share my thoughts on the online media platform of LinkedIn and why I’m skeptical… LinkedIn […]

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blog #93: day five

Day five and I’m drained… but alas, I shall continue. Today I’m going to run through a general online media use for myself in a typical day, I’ll write about what I generally do from wake-up to fall-asleep and everywhere in between. Here we go! 9am: I usually wake up around this time, I’ll generally […]

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blog #92: day four

Doing a daily blog for 7 days actually isn’t that bad, I’m finding it quite enjoyable to have some rhythm around my university timetable and it definitely gives me something to do when I get a little bored. So today I figured out something cool, and that is this… How cool is this? This gives […]

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