Annotation: Markouzis, D. and Fessakis, G., 2016. Rapid Prototyping of Interactive Storytelling and Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Learning and Entertainment – The case of “k-Knights”. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 6(2), p.30.

Markouzis and Fessakis recognise that advancements in computer power and mobile technology, as well as improvements in accessibility of products such as PCs, mobile phones and tablets, allow for new media forms such as augmented reality to make there way… Continue Reading

Annotation: Harvey, K., 2012. ‘walk-In Documentary’: New paradigms for game-based interactive storytelling and experiential conflict mediation. studies in documentary film, 6(2), pp.189-202.

Harvey writes about the possibilities interactive storytelling presents, particularly for documentary. He also presents the reader with a newer kind of media experience, ‘alternative reality gaming’ (ARG), which – due to its form as a game – encourages audiences to… Continue Reading