Analysis/Reflection 2, Q1

In the lecture we screened a short film called ‘End of the Line’ – the film shot in Broken Hill.

Please describe in 300 words or less if you think they achieved what they set out to do.
You may not remember much detail, if so, it could be helpful to talk about your first impressions, after all this is what most of us are left with after one viewing. The treatment which we showed in the lecture is available here. Feel free to write to any categories you wish. eg. story, choice of participants, sound, camera, editing etc.

I think Jacqui and her team didn’t exactly what they set out to do, as stated in their statement. Apparently, the production process didn’t go according to plan and the film turned out rather different from what they had intended. However, I think they still managed to depict the “simple life” and how disillusioned we might be.

They gathered a few interviewees who were willing to share about their lives in Broken Hill. Many spoke of the “freedom” in Broken Hill, and some even wanted to die there. Most of them seemed content, yes, but if given a choice, would I want to live in Broken Hill? Nah. We often glamourize the “simple life”, thinking life with nature and far from the city is beautiful. But the truth is perhaps closer to what was depicted in End of the Line – that the living conditions aren’t posh spa resorts, but tiny, decrepit, and insipid towns such as Broken Hill. It was quite eyeopening. When you think about the “simple life”, you don’t exactly think about your neighbours. I remember one man saying you can be and do whatever you want in Broken Hill, and its residents were eccentric in their own way. You never think about living with other weirdos.

Overall, I think the film was successful in putting a grim spin on the fetishized notion of the “simple life”. It depicted reality as is, and I really enjoyed that.

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