and Project Brief Four did commence…

I’m overall, really happy with my group. I’ve been paired with Alex and Eliza, and to be honest, I think we’ll make a stellar team. Our topic is ‘Institutions’ and I think we’ve all got a really good grasp on the concept itself and ideas are already forming for us. Our thought process is as documented below:



The concept itself is quite difficult and very broad, but I’m thinking positively about it. I think the key is not to stray too far away from ‘institutions’ as the root of the assignment and always come back to it as the question. It’s very easy to be sidetracked by subtopics when the topic itself is so broad. I like that the presentation method for the project brief is undefined – leaving it to the skills of the group. I’m not sure I give too many exceptional skills as I’m really more focused on filming, miss-en-scene, framing and editing. I think Alex and Eliza have similar skill sets, so maybe making a killer video would be the best use of our strengths although I was hoping that I could be taught some new skills by my team members. I think we’ve decided to create something in a sort of documentary or report format as we feel that our research will suit an informative sort of presentation

As a group, I think we’ve delegated our time and resources well and we’re on track to making some real progress. I’m interested in seeing where the research and the concepts we come up with actually go. Hopefully, after finishing the annotated bibliography we have a firmer grasp on the direction we’re going to take and come up with something EXTRAORDINARY to create.

As far as the Annotated Bibliography is concerned, we decided that delegating a topic to each of us so that our research is unique and we cover as much information as possible. I’m taking care of Media Regulation, Eliza is looking at audiences and Alex is looking at institutions themselves. I think this is a very good way of covering information as it gives us some ground to cover and ensures that we are getting information on all parts of the topic.

I’m really looking forward to working more with my group and I’m especially looking forward to making something brilliant with the work that we’re doing.

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