Megatrends… The word itself may be too broad, but in the light of Klaus Schwab’s research on the fourth industrial revolution its a term used to describe major directions in which technology is progressing. Schwab starts by breaking down our current technological progress into three categories, the physical, digital and biological. Under each are then subcategories which fully cover our major technological breakthroughs. For example:

  • Automation (Self driving cars, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Synthetic biological materials
  • 3D printing

After identifying these elements, Schwab goes on to explain the potential impact they will have on the way in which we live. For example, governments will need to adapt their systems and implement new technologies, for the management of staff, tax collection, and  nationwide communication. Evolving these systems is imperative in order to ensure survival and growth for the future, it is clear that by not moving with the trends, one will be left non-equiped to deal with the future of the world.

A simmilar discussion can be had about the operation of future social spaces. History has proven that one of the most difficult things about technology is integrating it without disregarding tradition, and cultural structures.  However, technology can also be used to empower people within a society and improve their way of life. For example, by bringing information to the less advantaged and giving those in poverty access to cheaper and better nutrition and health.

Thus it is very clear that in order for us to benefit from our technological advances we need to adapt and fully embrace the current changes.